Inori Fest 2017

Hello Everbody, I want to tell you about my last activity in high school. Actually it's not the last activity but whatever.

 12 August - 13 august 2017
Day 1 On 12 august i went to the Inosan festival which is located in Sman 3 Bandung. On that day there is just a contest and some bazaar. For the first time in forever, i joined a Japanese event. i was so happy because there are a lot of Japanese thing that i like. Such as Okonmiyaki, Takoyaki, ice cream, and others. When i arrived at sman 3 bandung, i was wondering because the place is so quiet. because of that i wandered to all of the place to find a friend. Unfortunately i cant find anything except  participants of the contest and my old friend from junior high school. After we meet, we gather and talk about something fun and interesting. then we started to watch singing competition which is held in new hall. i was so hype about that contest, because one of the participant is sang one of my favorite song which is Orange. Orange…


What will you do on the next holiday? Dinand :"Good evening, Gare." Gare     :"Good evening, Dinand. How was your day?" Dinand :"I have a bad day." Gare     :"Why?" Dinand :"I don't wanna talk about it. Can we change the topic?" Gare     :"Okay, then. What are you going to do on the next holiday?" Dinand :"I wanna go to the Mars on 23 August" Gare     :"Are you serious though?" Dinand :"Nah, JK. Actually i wanna hibernate like a bear" Gare     :"That's such a good plan." Dinand :"Thanks?" Gare     :"Actually, i have a lot of work to do." Dinand :"Such a hard worker" Gare     :"Thanks, ... sorry i have to go. Good luck with your plan" Dinand :"Good luck with your work"

Very Very (un) + interesting Story

    It was a very very sad moment that I've experienced. September 2010. I and my friend are going to join the scout extracurricular. In that moment, I was 10 years old and attend at SDN 2 Kramatwatu Serang. at 10 am, my friend go to my house to invite me to join the scout extracurricular. At the first time, i was very lazy to join that extracurricular, but my friends keep compel me to join, because if i don't join the extracurricular, the extracurricular will fell empty. at the very last, i agreed to them to join that extracurricular.     So i grab my bicycle and start to go to school. but in the mean time ( in the middle of the road) i was very thirsty. So i want to go to the market across the road. I'm very dehydrated in that time, so without thinking i just across the road without looking in the right or left. And then 1 second past, and the motorcycle just crashed me to the air. That was very hurt, I see my my body is bleeding and bloody in half cons…


In the corridor
*bumping each other*  Gare      : "Ahhhhhh" ( bring a lot of books) Fadhlan : "O-Oh, I'm sorry. May I help you?" Gare      : "Sure, thanks" *picking up the book* Fadhlan : "Hey, I never met you before. What's your name?" Gare      : "My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. Just call me Gare" Fadhlan : "Nice to meet you Gare, my name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. just call me Fadhlan" Gare      : "Nice to meet you too, Fadhlan" Fadhlan : "What's your class?" Gare      : "My class is in X Science 4, what about you?" Fadhlan : "I'm from X Science 6" Gare      : "Why you such in a rush?" Fadhlan : "I need to buy some food because I'm hungry" Gare      : "I'll accompany you" Fadhlan : "Sure, Thanks, dude" *Walking to the cafeteria* Gare      : "What do you want to buy actually?" Fadhlan : "…

Introduction is very important


First, I want to introduce myself.
My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. If you think my name is too long, just call me Gare. I live in Bandung at Jl. Gudang Utara no 23. I was Born in Bandung, 26 December 2002
My hobbies are playing game and watching anime. My Favorite Anime is No Game No Life and Sword Art Online. Also, i love playing game that called osu.
I don't have any siblings. My Favorite Subject Is Math, Science, and English. My Favorite Food Is Pizza

Right now, i'm studying in Senior High School 3 Bandung. In SMAN 3 Bandung, I learned a lot of knowledge and some skills to improve my life. My class is at X Science 4. The majority of X Science 4 is girl (20 person) and the boy (10 person). I usually play game after i finished my homework. In SMAN 3 Bandung there are a lot of extracurricular, and event. SMAN 3 Bandung also has good facilities like Computer lab, Smart Digital Class Room, WiFi, and so on.
In grade X, There are 9 of Science class and 1 of socia…