In the corridor
*bumping each other*  Gare      : "Ahhhhhh" ( bring a lot of books) Fadhlan : "O-Oh, I'm sorry. May I help you?" Gare      : "Sure, thanks" *picking up the book* Fadhlan : "Hey, I never met you before. What's your name?" Gare      : "My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. Just call me Gare" Fadhlan : "Nice to meet you Gare, my name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. just call me Fadhlan" Gare      : "Nice to meet you too, Fadhlan" Fadhlan : "What's your class?" Gare      : "My class is in X Science 4, what about you?" Fadhlan : "I'm from X Science 6" Gare      : "Why you such in a rush?" Fadhlan : "I need to buy some food because I'm hungry" Gare      : "I'll accompany you" Fadhlan : "Sure, Thanks, dude" *Walking to the cafeteria* Gare      : "What do you want to buy actually?" Fadhlan : "…

First, I want to introduce myself.
My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. If you think my name is too long, just call me Gare. I live in Bandung at Jl. Gudang Utara no 23. I was Born in Bandung, 26 December 2002
My hobbies are playing game and watching anime. My Favorite Anime is No Game No Life and Sword Art Online. Also, i love playing game that called osu.
I don't have any siblings. My Favorite Subject Is Math, Science, and English. My Favorite Food Is Pizza

Right now, i'm studying in Senior High School 3 Bandung. In SMAN 3 Bandung, I learned a lot of knowledge and some skills to improve my life. My class is at X Science 4. The majority of X Science 4 is girl (20 person) and the boy (10 person). I usually play game after i finished my homework. In SMAN 3 Bandung there are a lot of extracurricular, and event. SMAN 3 Bandung also has good facilities like Computer lab, Smart Digital Class Room, WiFi, and so on.
In grade X, There are 9 of Science class and 1 of socia…